Charlotte McKinney Thongtastic And Chesty in Leather

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bill-swift - December 10, 2015

Hmm, let me see. Bodaciously curvaceous Charlotte McKinney, black leather, and a thong. What are the odds this pictorial is going to knock it clean out of my prurient park? High.

The woman who hates being called the next Kate Upton because, well, just because, Charlotte McKinney is featured in some extended photo looks from GQ UK. Naturally, GQ favors the hot ladies and unnecessarily dressed, but they provide enough skin to make the entire men's fashion magazine premise worth noting, if not leering and occasionally drooling. Charlotte tends to have that effect on the males of the species, even the urbane metros, you can't deny your genetic gender heritage, and even if you tried, one feast of peeps upon Charlotte McKinney flashing cleavage and a thong in black leather would render you overridden. She has the power, despite what various political and social organizations may try to tell you. And with that power, Charlotte, make me your slave for a day, let's call it today, everyday. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: GQ UK