Charlotte McKinney Swimsuit Tug To Greatness

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bill-swift - March 9, 2016

Charlotte McKinney could be described as a woman who needs no introduction. I'm quite sure I could identify her body just from her body while gazing from a thousand feet at night in the dark through a thick fog. Though I would prefer to be able to use my hands in such an examination. Charlotte is the hardest working soft bodied blonde bombshell in the history of such illustrious ladies. 

Featured in barely any clothing in the new edition of Gosee magazine, Charlotte shows exactly why she has the assets, the asstastic, and the sweet rack of a goddess that when matched with the frequency of her work and willingness to show off her body that has turned her from up-and-comer to already arrived and aren't you crazy glad she came. That's the PG-version label of the category. If Charlotte McKinney doesn't get your temperature up by at least ten thousand Kelvin degrees, you need to get your retinal cones checked. Then your heart. Then your bobos. Something's amiss. Charlotte, we should go lingerie shopping sometime. I'll bring my Diner's Club card. You bring, well, everything else. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Gosee Magazine