Charlotte McKinney Revealing Airport Stroll

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michael-garcia - July 11, 2016

The incomparable Charlotte McKinney went to the airport to catch a flight and brought along her luscious yabbos. Everyone on planet Earth knows that Charlotte McKinney has one of the top 5 sets of boobs ever in the history of boobs. Her shirt had the benefit of having both a plunging neckline and being a little bit see-through. We get a nice view of her bra, which in Charlotte's case she definitely needs when traveling. What if they hit turbulence and her boobs smack her in the face. It's really a safety issue. I imagine that if you were ever given the privilege of handling Charlotte's jugs, you probably couldn't handle it. I include myself in that. You need a friend to help out, preferably of the female persuasion.

But I digress. I bet it would be nice to travel with Charlotte. You wouldn't need to bring a neck pillow because if you get sleepy you can just wrap yourself up in her boobage.



Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews