Charlotte McKinney Sports a Red Sports Bra

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brian-mcgee - July 19, 2017

I've always been bothered by the term "sports bra." They're rarely worn by women participating in sports of any kind. Take Charlotte McKinney in this red sports bra for example. She's out and about and feeding a parking meter, but she's not catching balls or throwing balls or doing anything involving balls or sports of any kind. It feels wrong to call what she's wearing a sports bra.

Let's brainstorm a bit here and see if we can come up with something more appropriate to call this sports bra. The McKinney mams restrainer. The Charlotte holdback. The CMK spectacular. There's gotta be something we can call these, lest we risk deeming feeding a parking meter a sport. 

I get it, maybe she's on her way to the gym, or just coming back from the gym, or maybe even just banging a guy named Jim, no one can say for sure. The one thing I do know is that calling this a sports bra doesn't do it or Ms. McKinney any justice. She looks far too hot in this red thing for me to call it a sports bra ever again. 

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Photo Credit: Backgrid