Charlotte McKinney Red Hot Curves

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bill-swift - June 28, 2016

Charlotte McKinney doesn't take a day let alone a minute off from looking like a billion damn dollars. The busty blonde bombshell has declared war on her peers and potential competitors to the Iron Sextastic Throne, would be rivals for top hot bodacious body in Tinsel Town. Her means of attack are by daily being out there in some kind of wicked hot revealing wardrobe showing off her ridiculously hot body. It's smart. And crazy alluring.

In her most recent salvo, Charlotte came out two full mams swinging in a super tight red dress that highlighted her passion inducing fiesta of a body. I can't remember a time I felt so many tingles from a fully-dressed woman, though it was probably just five minutes ago as this happens to me consistently throughout my every day. I love that I get to call this work. Charlotte, consider yourself on my 4th of July party list. It's pretty elite. In fact, it's just you so far. I don't intend to add. Wear your red dress. I already have a bikini picked out for you for my inflatable pool. We will be so happy together for up to three minutes of fireworks. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews