Charlotte McKinney Peekaboo Swimsuit Booty on Balcony in Miami

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bill-swift - February 16, 2017

While blonde bombshell Charlotte McKinney did her best to cover up on the balcony of her Miami hotel room, here's the good news. First, Charlotte's in Miami, that means swimsuits. Second, she's actually wearing a swimsuit already. And third, finally, we got a chance to see her bare cheeks and became jealous of her fingers as she pulled her spandex wedgie whence from her bottom. My job! Well, dream job.

While Kate Upton looks amazing in SI, let us not forget that it's Charlotte 364 days a year who has stolen her busty blonde showoff crown. By sheer force of effort and not taking any mental health days. Simply showing off, constantly. And while she wore a stupid towel over her glorious mams this time, expect this Miami trip only to get better and better, for all parties, Charlotte and telescopic oglers alike. Enjoy

Photo credit: FameFlynet