Charlotte McKinney Naked Save For Flowers

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bill-swift - March 17, 2017

Charlotte McKinney has one killer fine body. It's round in all the right places, and round in all the rightly wrong places, which doesn't even makes sense but I'm pretty sure it's true. Regardless, when staring into her female form I mostly feel an intense warmth, the slight twinge of pressure, then I pass out into a bliss. That's how the great women make you feel. It's complicated.

Featured in this Jiro Schneider photoshoot, it's but a few flowers that keep us from total peekaboo sextastic passion on this stunningly hot grade-A model. Stupid flowers. Sure it's not their fault. But I'm not blaming Charlotte. I want her too badly. I don't get the blood thing but whatever she likes I'm down with. Pain is part of pleasure. At least that's all I remember from 50 Shades. Charlotte, call me. I'll bring the garden shears to snip those buds. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Jiro Schneider