Charlotte McKinney Naked Mostly in Summum Magazine France

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bill-swift - April 7, 2017

Wow. Repeat that at least nineteen times before delving into this French magazine's spread on blonde bombshell Charlotte McKinney who I have certified as the hardest working curvaceous blonde in show business. She's earned this title. We've earned the right to ogle her fine female form with every ounce of strength within our anatomical structure. Today that structure might snap.

Charlotte's visually inspired and almost entirely naked photo romp in Summum magazines bares her glimmering tanned and blonde and good all over body parts in almost complete reveal, save for a few body posing cheats. Wow. Seventeen more times. Charlotte's ridiculously hot sextastic lady form is the reason men go to war, then bother surviving to come back. She's a goddess of the flesh filled fantasies. This may be her tops to date. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Summum magazine