Charlotte McKinney Braless Tank Top Peeks

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michael-garcia - September 5, 2016

When a normal woman wears a tank top and no bra it's amazing. When that woman is Charlotte McKinney, then you've really got something special. Charlotte has some of the best, biggest, buxomiest knockers on planet Earth. They are more famous on their own than your average model. The cleav is out of control. in these pics. Not to mention the sideboob. The sideboob by itself is larger than your average ta-ta. She also looks kinda cold because she is nipping something serious. Among the hotties that we cover here on Ego, Charlotte is by far my favorite. She's got a lot going for her. Not only is she gorgeous and big-bosomed, but she also has a penchant for showing them off. There's no use having large hooters if you keep them locked away from public view. That's just being selfish. Charlotte is a real humanitarian. 

She looks to be at the supermarket. I wonder what she buys there? What do models eat? Is it still mostly Diet Coke and cigarettes like when I was young?


Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

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