Charlotte McKinney In A Bosomy Sweater

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michael-garcia - September 15, 2016

The incomparable Charlotte McKinney went out on the town in a revealingly boobtastic sweater. It had an open panel in the front barely held together with some lacing. Naturally, Charlotte forgot to wear a bra so you see the entirety of her cleavage. And good Lord is there a whole lot of it. Charlotte McKinney has hands down the best ta-tas that we cover here on Egotastic. That's a bold statement to make but I stand by it. While I love all the knockers that we discuss at length on the site, Charlotte's hooters take the grand prize. A few come close like Kate Upton or Kim K, but close only counts in horseshoes not when we are discussing who has the best jugs on the planet. A day without seeing Charlotte's yum yums isn't a day worth living. 

Charlotte's funbags are the kinds of things that make a man want to settle down. If I met a girl with melons like that I would put a ring on it immediately. 


Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

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