Charlotte McKinney Black Bosomy Night Out

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michael-garcia - October 6, 2016

Extremely well-endowed model and all around hottie Charlotte McKinney went out for the night in a revealing black tank top. Of all the ta-tas we discuss here at Egotastic, Charlotte's are by far my favorite. I think that in the whole world she has perhaps the best knockers on the planet. No one even comes close. It's not just that they are huge, though they certainly are that. They are the perfect shape and look amazing in everything from a bikini to an evening gown. When you have hooters as incredible as Charlotte it pretty much gives you carte blanche to do whatever. She could probably murder someone in broad daylight and the jury would see her cleavage and let her go. I know I would. How could someone with ta-tas like that be guilty of a crime, other than sexiness in the first degree...I'll stop.

But seriously, Charlotte in this tank top has made my day. I'm going to be whistling "Zippe-dee-doo-da" for the rest of the day at the memory of the pics. 


Photo Credit: Splash

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