Charlotte McKinney and Hilary Duff Dueling Blonde Short Skirt Hotties in Wintertime Hollywood

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bill-swift - January 12, 2017

Oh, you know my favorite game is deciding between which of two blonde sextastic celebrity types I would bed down for the evening when clearly there's not a chance in hell I could have either one. If you're going to pretend, pretend big. That's what Grandma Swift used to tell me often before encouraging me to consider lowering my expectations in life based on my childhood school performance. Lovable coot. 

Charlotte McKinney and Hilary Duff were both lunching about town here in what has turned out to be a rather brisk Los Angeles winter. Meaning, almost as low as sixty on some days! Nevertheless, both Charlotte and her udder curvaceous hotness and Hilary and her cutesy Lizzie sexy boots tease wore short skirts out into the inclement weather. Huzzah to the gentleman oglers. How could I possibly choose between these two inspiration sweethearts? I'm no King Solomon. Though if I were, I'd order both into my royal boudoir for some populating of the lands. Oh, my. Enjoy.

Photo credit: PacificCoastNews/FameFlynet