Charlotte McKinney Almost Naked Heaven in Randall Slavin Shoot

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bill-swift - February 1, 2017

Charlotte McKinney is now cranking out hot visual wonderments by the day it seems. And as long as Charlotte the Blonde Bombshell keeps cranking out the sextastic, the least we can do is keep cranking on our end. Get your mind out of the gutter. I meant leering. Okay, also that other thing.

In her most stellar exhibition of scintillating skin almost really ever, Charlotte sat, err, laid for a shoot with good looking lady photographer Randall Slavin for a mostly naked toss between the sheets. If this doesn't get your motor working, your motor is officially broken. See your mechanic. Also, your shrink and your junk doctor. Charlotte is epic hot and that body could make men go to war, come home in search of her funbags, then go to war all over again. That kind of passion inducement. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Randall Slavin