Charlotte Crosby Is Gonna Sell A Lot Of Books In That Outfit

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bill-swift - January 15, 2018

British reality show starlet Charlotte Crosby took to the book store to promote her diet and fitness book, because why not sell something during your prime time of fame and or infamy. An exercise book seems tame enough. And if you're going to be young and hot and curvaceous and selling your lifestyle, why not show up to the book store in a very sheer top, very short skirt, and knee high kinky boots? That's rhetorical. She was perfect.

Charlotte likely doesn't own any state secrets when it comes to looking fit in a sports bra and spandex, but she does know how to pimp and promote a book, Kardashian style you might say. Sex sells, as do naughty school girl and English crumpet strutting looks. I don't need a ghostwritten book to tell me that sit-ups and dancing are good for your body fitness. I already know this and choose to ignore it. What I do need are more shots of Charlotte preening and posing for literary sales purposes. I think my paperback just went hardback if you know what I'm saying. Enjoy.


 Photo Credit: Splash News

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