Charlize Theron is Luminous in White at Glamour Women in Film Event

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Mitch Jablonski - November 13, 2019

Charlize Theron has had one of the longer reigns in Hollywood beauty queen status as she was pretty much a sex symbol from the moment she first came on the scene and really hasn't lost a step in the last twenty plus years. It's got to be good genetics because she doesn't look like she's had any extensive work done on her face. Sure, maybe some Botox, but who hasn't had Botox by this point?

Charlize was honored at the Glamour Women in Film event and she was dressed to the nines for the occasion thanks to this absolutely elegant and sexy white dress. It's easy to see why she was being honored because Charlize Theron is nothing if not a glamorous woman in film. Perhaps the most glamorous, or at least the most effortlessly glamorous women in film.

Charlize Theron has got it going on and she ain't ashamed to show it, that's for damn sure. She's been devastating red carpets and love lives for a long time now and she's got this thing down pat. So give Charlize Theron a round of applause for being a glamorous woman in film. We may never see her likes again.

Photos courtesy of Mega Agency