Charlize Theron Crunches Hard for Her Hard Body and Sexy Legs

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bill-swift - January 10, 2012

Lest you think the amazing all over Charlize Theron body, with sweet hot legs on display at the Palm Springs International Film Festival this weekend, comes about from following the Egotastic! couch-to-frigde-back-to-couch workout routine. Nope. Wrong. Charlize hits Crunch gym in West Hollywood for 2-hour workouts of weights and yoga and mostly just being eyed greedily by gentleman oglers as she stretches and sweats in her stretch pants and tank tops.

Now, I'm not the first guy to ever get the evil eye at the gym for staring too hard at a lovely shvitzy hard bodied female, especially evil once they discover I'm not really an employee of the gym authorized to pick up towels on the ladies locker room, but I tell you this, I'd suffer the slings and arrows of such menacing female facial glares for a few seconds of peeping Charlize Theron in the down dog position. Woof.