Charlie Webster Lingerie Hotness Might Give Female Sports Reporters An Awesome Name

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bill-swift - March 21, 2013

I know that the gender debating folks always must discuss whether or not when a hot woman in a profession appears in a racy pictorial it demeans her professional accomplishments. I think it's great that those folks have the time and energy and passion to argue back and forth. Being a really busy simpleton is more the life I'd recommend. You're too busy to get into such profound arguments, and even if you had the time, you wouldn't really understand them. No, your role in this world is just to look at the racy pictorials of girls like SkySports reporter Charlie Webster, who is causing quite a stir in the Old Country as she takes off most of her clothes for this sextastic display in her home country's FHM magazine.

Now, there will be those who must say that Charlie will have a hard time ever being accepted again as a serious sports journalist after appearing in an sextastic lingerie spread. I don't know about that. I feel like I take her even more seriously. I once had sex with a dental hygienist and when she reminded me too brush after every meal, I don't recall yelling back at her, 'Oh, come on, you just slapped me in the face and called me a naughty daddy, and now I'm supposed to listen to your oral hygiene advice?' That'd be a strange thing to yell aloud really. And, more to the point, the kind of men who don't take women seriously don't take them seriously whether dressed or not. I speak for the men who can earnestly say to hot female sports broadcasts, 'Take your clothes off and I will respect you even more.' Enjoy.

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