Charlie Sheen will be back to work this month

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editor - February 4, 2011

Last Friday
Charlie Sheen was asked about his drug addiction and he said, "I'm fine, people don't seem to get it", and yesterday he said all the rumors, presumably about his drug habit, "are crap", so very obviously he isn't doing any sort of rehab while at home. And so he might as well go back to work. And so that's what he's gonna do. The AP says...

The 45-year-old actor remains in rehab but hopes to return to TV's top-rated comedy by the end of February, publicist Stan Rosenfield said Thursday. That's a "target" projection, Rosenfield said.
The series halted production after Sheen sought treatment for undisclosed reasons following a 911 call and brief stay at a Los Angeles-area hospital last week. According to a tape of the 911 call, Sheen was said to be intoxicated and in pain.

Do people realize he has a 25-year-old daughter, by the way? Cassandra Jade Estevez. He had her when he was 19. And I bet, every June, when you ask her what she's doing for Fathers Day, the answer is always, "crying".

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