Charlie Sheen Making Death Threats Again

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jhanson - March 11, 2015

Charlie Sheen is apparently unhappy the Two and a Half Men finale dissed him by having a piano fall on creator Chuck Lorre while he yelled "Winning!" because Sheen is super mature and that show was a testament to once in a lifetime comedic genius. Just not this lifetime. Instead of voicing his displeasure he seems to be threatening to kill Lorre which would technically count as a tragedy:

"You must feel safe motherfucker. You must feel safe where you live."

I wouldn't be too concerned. It's not like Sheen is a drug crazed lunatic prone to involuntary fits of narcissistic rage and knife and gun attacks. He also might be Cory Feldman which could provide a solid alibi. Better hire a few guards who can repel hatchets or Sheen's HPV riddled breath if he's been partying. This should mark a fitting end to two storied careers. Try and feign concern. It's not funny. Pass the dip.

Photo Credit: Youtube/TMZ 

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