Charlie Riina’s Absolutely Tiny Thong For Ultra Sexy Photo Shoot

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elliot-wolf - March 26, 2018

I hope Charlie Riina didn’t hurt herself falling from so high up. This pretty lady is elite in the looks department and I’m completely convinced she comes from an ethereal realm. I’m baffled how such a perfect heavenly creature happened to misplace her wings while here on a visit to Earth. I’d be more than happy to help her look for them at the beach if that’s where she lost them. I wouldn’t even need a reward for my assistance as just getting an eyeful of her is more than enough in repayment.

I’m aware that the world is changing at a fast pace. We went from gold to federal reserve notes and now it’s looking like everything will be cryptocurrency soon. But I’d like to make a suggestion. Before completely exchanging cash and credit transactions for Bitcoin maybe we can use photographs of Charlie Riina instead. They’re something everyone would want. They would easily hold, and possibly even increase in their value over time. I estimate my residence to at least be worth 15 pictures of Charlie. Riina may even encourage individuals to start saving because who doesn't want to keep as many still shots of such a wonderful woman as possible.

Photo Credit; Splash News / Backgrid USA