Charli XCX Chesty Modeling Club Wear

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bill-swift - April 27, 2016

Speaking of chesty British pop music stars, and when am I not speaking on that topic, Charli XCX is moving out in all directions, including modeling in this pictorial selling clothes to I suppose music divas who are chesty and want to show it. So hopefully all of them. 

In this wardrobe pimping spread for BooHoo, the English styled naughty girl singer shows off some of her exhibitionist in shmata skills, posing in outfits for your modern day clubbing girl who occasionally crawls across the stage on all fours as club girls often do. At least at the clubs I attend. I'm not sure Charli is exactly a natural at this line of work just yet, might stick to the music and videos, but if this gets down to showing off in skimpy knickers, I'm definitely tuning back in to the commercials. She's got a lot to work with. Now then, onto the European style nude ads! Enjoy.

Photo Credit: BooHoo