Charisma Carpenter Topless Gumption

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Lex Jurgen - July 24, 2014

Charisma Carpenter might have just turned forty-four, but her tits say otherwise. If they went to school, they'd be in Suri's class. Just kidding, Suri doesn't go to school. She needs her mind empty for the Awakening.

Charisma decided to do a big fuck you to Zuckerberg, Facebook, Instagram and their policies of choosing to censor their social media properties on one singular principle: titties are dangerous. If Instagram were my buddy, I'd punch him for being so gay. If Instagram was my gay buddy, I'd be thankful I finally had somebody to watch Dancing with the Stars with and not be ridiculed. The bigger point, Charisma Carpenter has a slamming body for forty- four. There's nothing wrong with adding science to the equation. It only brings us closer to heaven.

Photo Credit: Charisma Carpenter/Instagram, Twitter

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