Chantel Jeffries Shows Off Toned Body Post-Workout

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aldo-vallon - November 11, 2017

 It is hard for me to believe that the two straps at the top of her shirt actually serve a purpose and are not there just for show. Considering the kind of weight that they would have us believe they are supporting I would think they would be liable to snap at any moment. Maybe when she first bought the top those straps were a lot thicker. They could have been the same gauge as what were used on old ships, but due to the stress they were put under, little by little, they snapped and this is all that is left.

I would say someone should be following her around all the time in order to capture the exact moment they finally snap, but I believe the paparazzi already have it covered. If tragedy was to strike by her happening to drop that drink, these photographers would have the exact moment documented when her heart broke. It is the equivalent of a child dropping their ice cream cone, only that drink probably cost ten dollars. In my opinion that is a legit reason for tears. 

Photo Credit: Splash News