Chantel Jeffries Cleavage and Red Tube Top in Hollywood

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rusty-mattis - August 20, 2017

Growing up I wanted to be an inventor. I wanted to make something that would benefit the whole world so my name would be in the history books. But I could never come with something worth while, so I gave up on my dream. Besides, someone already invented the tube top and seeing Chantel Jeffries proves nothing greater has ever been invented. I have no idea who invented the tube top, but I feel like I should. It's something should be taught in schools, starting in grade one. Other than medicine, cell phones, and dirt bikes I can't think of a single greater invention that has benefited all of mankind. I know that Chantel Jeffries could have worn a different kind of sexy top, but she wore a tube top. There isn't a sexier top than those that come in the tube variety. If you got a body like Chantel Jeffries and you don't wear a tube top then you are just doing a ddisserviceto the person who invented it, and your fellow cleavage loving society.

Maybe I should look through my old invention notebook, see if there is anything in there that might be worth rethinking. Then again, I could just look at Chantel Jeffries in a tube top, that's a pretty good use of my time.

Photo Credit: Backgrid / Splash News