Chantel Jeffries Boobtastic Bikini Display in Miami

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bill-swift - April 25, 2017

Unlike the passers-through in Miami, Chantel Jeffries calls the beach home, or at least a base of operations for her modeling and body shimmying and shaking. The life of a South Beach sweetheart isn't all fun and games, though almost entirely fun and games. There are the regular required treks to the beach to show off what you've got. And Chantel has got a lot. 

The young woman may have risen to fame as a Justin Bieber flyaway girl, but she's turned her twin assets top and bottom into a decent little modeling girl with some indecent big time passion inducement. This new style of supportive bikini for the more racktastic ladies isn't exactly how I would have designed funbag holders for the D-cups, but there's something alluring about its stretchy support. Reminiscent of how my own two hands might work to provide the same lift. Let's at least try that out for an hour, Chantel. You'll hardly notice me tight on your left flank, save for the guttural moans. I can't stop those. I've tried. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News