Chantel Jeffries and Cindy Kimberly Show Off Their Toned Post-Workout Bodies

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aldo-vallon - March 23, 2018

I do not know people got it into their heads that smoothies are healthy food option, but whoever was responsible for that campaign should have a statue made their honor, because it was clearly a success. All smoothies are made of are blended fruits, which are already not great for you because of the sugar, and whatever random crap the maker decides to throw in there. In my house we only ever made smoothies when things were starting to go bad in the fridge. That is how we ended up with blueberry eggroll concoction that became a family favorite.

After a workout you are probably better off snorting that recovery powder like a man instead of paying for that overpriced sugary gains killer that the gym is always offering. Both of these lovely ladies look like they can afford to waste a few calories on smoothies though. That seems to be the motivation for most people at the gym anyhow. They don’t care about looking better, they just want to be able to eat crap food without looking any worse. And who I am to judge that? I eat canned corn beef hash on a weekly basis.


Photo Credit: Backgrid USA