Centaur You Kidding Me? Kylie Jenner’s Ass In This Picture Is Scary But Funny

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Sam Robeson - December 14, 2018


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Well it's a Jenndashian day. Kanye West has already probably Silence Of The Lambs-ed Kim Kardashian after once again flexing his insanity via a Twitter shitstorm. So that leaves us with Kylie Jenner, who at one point was hotter than Kim, but in this new picture above looks like a centaur preparing to hook in an I-75 Lion's Den Porta Potty. When these chicks were looking for reference material to bring to their Tijuana plastic surgeon's office, they straight up brought in a stack of issues of Horse & Hound Magazine and said "neigh let's get weird." And I stan.

The obsession with fat asses extends beyond the actual surgery itself. The Jenndashians are all so unwaveringly convinced that having the proportions of a bowling pin is sexy that they use camera angles to make themselves look even more botched and freakish. Kylie Jenner is twenty-one-years-old, but if someone told you she was fifty in this pic, you'd believe them. The Jenndashians' bizarre beauty standards are setting the stage for a generation of plastic surgery victim centaurs, so get ready for the stampede. Giddy-up bitches.

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