Zooey Deschanel

Zooey Deschanel Shows Cleavage on the Set of New Girl

If you be a Zooey Deschanel, she's quirky cute and I want to spawn children with her kind of guy, you're probably really digging Zooey's rise to newfound popularity in The New Girl, if for no other reason than all the new promotional and magazine pictures pimping her show, not to mention some nice on-set candids with a little pushed up cleavage from the typically super-conservative thespianic. Somewhere under that hipster counter-culture ditzy chick lies the boobs of a tigress hot chick. We can only hope there is more to reveal. Enjoy.

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Zooey Deschanel Clothed Pictures Are Really Hot; Zooey Deschanel Nudes Are Sadly Fake


Who doesn't love Zooey Deschanel? Oh, yeah, there are a few of you immune to those doe-eyes and indie-offbeat-cuteness, the kind that can, admittedly, be borderline obnoxious when mixed with the name dropping of hipster music and wearing charity-store clothes, but, still, a little hottie. These Zooey Deschanel pictures from a photoshoot with Peter Johnson are a classic example of the Z.D. eye-gazing-right-at-you-and-making-you-want-her kind of sextasticity. I'm looking right back. And I can't stop. It's like an ogling war between myself and an inanimate object, and I'm losing! Enjoy.

Egotastic! Public Service Announcement:
Now, to a far more tragic message. This past week saw an explosive web-splosion of Zooey Deschanel nude pictures on many sites across the Internet that sadly, are not really Zooey Deschanel. It's a real travesty when this occurs, because the little brain thinks faster than the big brain and there's always going to be a disappointment when the gray matter finally does deduce these photos as not really Zoey. Not to sound holier than thou, we've all been duped at some point in the past (I still remember buying a bag of oregano as a Freshman in high school). Still, inevitably, our inbox was filled with emails with exclamation points demanding to know why these weren't rushed onto our site.

Please, warn your grandmother and schoolteachers, these are NOT real Zooey Deschanel nude pictures: