Zippora Seven

Zippora Seven Can’t Seem To Keep Her Clothes On (Thankfully)

More Topless Pics of Zippora Seven in Mirage Magazine by Jason Lee
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When I choose a girl to fall deeply in lust with, I don’t such decisions seriously. It might seem like some instantaneous anatomical reaction is the judge and jury on such matters. But, nay, there’s that, plus a careful examination of the girl’s past, present, and future body of work. And Zippora Seven puts all of her body into all of her work.

This hot au natural Aussie model can’t seem to keep her clothes on. She loves to model in her most primal state, a state of the sextastic, as in these leer-worthy photos from Jason Lee, more topless treasures from this blonde alt-beauty. Zippora’s bare perfect bottom alone could launch a thousand ships to sea and make all the men dream of the day they can return to see her bare nekkid buns once more. If seeing Zippora’s nekkid booty planted on a basketball isn’t doing anything for you, well, then, you must really hate basketball. Enjoy.

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Zippora Seven Topless and Sextastic Lounging for a Day In Her Hot Life (VIDEO)

Zippora Seven Topless Screencaps for 'A Day in the Life'
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Thanks to ‘David M.’ and a bunch of other EgoReaders who realize that my unhealthy obsession with Aussie edgy model Zippora Seven is an infatuation that must be fed at every opportunity, most definitely including this Terence Conn0rs shot video featuring A Day in the Life of Zippora. I can’t imagine Zippora likes to hang out sleepily and nekked in the sun most days. Strike that, I can totally imagine that. She’s so hot that watching her put on a top and panties in this video made me file a human rights violation report with the UN. Somebody needs to prevent that from happening in the future.

I can’t guarantee you much in life, but I can guarantee you will delight in pretty much all four minutes of this stellar little motion picture. Even if you’re not currently stalking Zippora as I am, with my heart and soul and the little man who repeatedly makes horrible decisions for me. Enjoy.

(P.S., Yes, I know Terence is Zippora’s boyfriend. Lucky bastard!)

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Zippora Seven Is Hotter and More Topless Than Ever (Though I Suppose Either You Are Or You’re Not)

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Just hearing the name Zippora Seven makes me smile these days. I know what comes next is likely going to be something broody but alluring and all-around topless sextastic as is the case in her new shoot with Jason Lee Parry. Zippora is still a rather young Australian model with a fast rising star, a name built for fame, and a body built to induce enough passion to make everything else fall into place.

Even as I’m ogling Zippora’s boobtastic wonderments, just ever so perfect, I can’t imagine she has a ceiling on the places she will go or the number of times I will stare at her nekkid on her way there. I’m consistent, if nothing else. Enjoy.

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READER FINDS: Jessica Hart Nekkid, Kourtney Kardashian Nip Slip, Giada de Laurentiis Wicked Wet and Hot and Much Much More…

Zippora Seven and Lizzy Barter Nekkid Shoot by Manolo Campion
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Ah, Spring is in the air. Flowers are blooming, rabbits are doing what they do, and the Egotastic! community is shaking off it’s Winter solstice blues and gathering around the first planting of celebrity skintastic. I recall my days living in the nation’s capital, watching the cherry blossoms burst forth each Spring, quite spectacular, though minimally visually stunning compared to the glorious bits of hot lady flesh dished out weekly by all of you in a little something something we like to call Reader Finds.

This week’s Reader Finds includes Zippora Seven and Lizzy Barter shot quite nekkid and hot by Manolo Campion (thank you kindly to EgoReader ‘Rick S.’), outtakes from SI of Danish delight Nina Agdal (blessings from ‘Devon’), Down Under model hottie Jessica Hart quite nekkid (stunning shots uncovered by ‘Gamor’), Kristianna Loken topless in horror on screen (dropped on the doorstep by ‘Fitz’), Leslea Fisher topless in the quite watchable Banshee (visual gift signed by ‘Stan’), the Jessica Morris topless in Role Models (handed off by ‘Leesa’), Greta Scacchi topless in her own cinematic bare turn (benevolently submitted by ‘Roth’), Jessica Hart nekkid again, this time with Lydia Hearst in a Marc Hom shoot (stunning thunder clapped by ‘Pete F.), Fukumi Kuroda topless in classic film Tampopo (Asian delicious droplets from ‘Wence’), Jennifer Jason Leigh topless in an 80′s not so classic (funbags done been done by  ‘Alex G.’), a redux look at Margot Robbie nekkid in Wolf of Wall Street (epic all over again by ‘Mary D.’), Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace profoundly cleavetastic on the carpet (udderly faptastic find by ‘Steven’), Holly Peers, Stacey Poole, Joey Fisher and Emma Frain in outtakes from their recent off the chart topless shoot in Nuts (I’m nuts about ‘Ian’ for this lovely gift), Leonela Ahumada quite nekkid in Sudamericans show, Tramas Ardientes (sultry Latina hot bodied goodies via ‘Francis’), Kelly Lynch boobs from the silver screen (throwback Fridays provided by ‘Jackie’), Kylie Jenner in yet another hot bikini selfie (kudos to ‘Bob’ on his Jenner finds), Kourtney Kardashian nipple slip (delivered by ‘Dale H.’ who wants to help so badly), hot Italian model Federica Torti topless (grazie to ‘Anzio’ from The Boot), beautiful topless shots of Alyssa Arce shot by Terry Richardson this year (thank you very kindly to ‘David M.’), Giada de Laurentiis wicked hot and wet in cleavy shots from her food book (produced perfectly by ‘Chad’), bikini shots of Aussie model Berenger Rose (sweet blonde goodness from ‘Ryan’), and last, but never least, our new favorite Melissa Riso quite topless in white lingerie (thank you ‘Chris’ and others who rushed these nuggets to our mailbox). If you make it through all these photos without gasping and or weeping, you’re a stronger man than I. Enjoy.

Zippora Seven Topless for Jewelry Pimping Aussie Hotness

Zippora Seven Topless in Love and Object 2014 Campaign
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Zippora Seven is not only the coolest named model, she’s one of the hottest, with the young Aussie’s career taking off deservedly so thanks to her combination of sextastic and that innate ability to convince women to purchase what she’s selling with her looks. In this case, for the Love and Object campaign,

I believe she’s selling vintage jewelry. And what better way to promote accessories than by going topless in a classical beauty shoot. Yes, your necklace will look ten times more thrilling when placed just above a pair of perfectly pert knockers. That’s a fact. Zippora Seven knows how to sell and I’m not sure she’s even trying. Body talks. Enjoy.

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Zippora Seven Topless and Woodsy, Part Deux

Zippora Seven Topless Adds for 'Darkness of Noon' Shoot by Derek Henderson
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You know how deeply I fell for oddly named, but definitively hot young model Zippora Seven when first we saw the young Aussie in her Derek Henderson au natural photoshoot out in nature. Well, it was hard. My fall I mean. Despite the fact that Zippora first gained notoriety for being part of an underaged shoot for an Australian magazine, out of such scandals comes some amazing goodness, like Zippora, now fully legal, and still ridiculously alluring running through nature without her clothes on. And now we have some additions to the first part of that shoot.

Life is really pretty simple, we just tend to make it overcomplicated. As I think Ben Franklin or Thomas Jefferson said, find a hot young blonde, get her nekkid, grab a camera, and have some fun. I might be slightly off on the attribution, but the sentiment still holds true. Enjoy.

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Zippora Seven Topless and Woodsy in Black and White

Zippora Seven 'Darkness of Noon' Shoot by Derek Henderson March 2013
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Only perhaps our Aussie fans will remember, but a few years ago, Zippora Seven (a name which sounds like she ought to be a Zappa offspring) was caught up in a big time controversy when a Down Under fashion magazine had her posing nekkid at age sixteen. Which is kind of against the law in Australia. And, they did it twice, just to be sure they got it right.

Well, Zippora is back, in black, and white, and fully legal in this arboreal focused topless natural visual treat. She’s got that sextastic allure thing working overtime, like she’s not trying hard to get you to want her, and by the time you figure out you do, she’ll be three continents away with the contents of your bank account and your beloved miniature schnauzer, Franz. That’s power. Though I think you should be safe just ogling Zippora through the monitor. Enjoy.