Zhang You

Zhang You Prepares For the Apocalypse By Taking Off Her Top and Taking Pictures of Herself

Oh, happy days. Wait, I mean, End of Days. And the fact that some of the doomsdayers happen to be super hot boobtastic models like Chinese hottie Zhang You, who has written her farewell to the world letter in preparation for the Apocalypse, and simultaneously decided to take some naughty photos of herself before she departs this world. And, damn, what a body on this Mainland hottie, covered topless self-pics,  yet another outstanding offshoot of our adventures into the Fat East.

And, just like that, this whole Mayan thing is suddenly having an incredible upside. Enjoy.

Zhang Me? No, Zhang You, Super Hot Tour of Chinese Celebrities Continue

We’ve got an entire continent of celebrity hotties to get through, so consider that it’ll probably be the year 2427 before we get through half of the amazing ladies of the Chinese mainland, super minxy girls with alluring looks and some unexpectedly wicked bodies that are combining to make our latest sextastic celeb hunting tour around the world something of a painfully chafing experience.

The sweet hotness that is Zhang You stopped us in our tracks with the mere visual exposition of two of our favorite words in our own native language: busty Asian. Zhang You has got that going on something fierce, throw in a few coquettish smiles and some glasses and you have the makings of yet another lust affair that may never end. Enjoy.