Zahia Dehar

Zahia Dehar Brings Her Scandalous Boobtastic Back to America

Oh, how we love our new French hottie friend, Zahia Dehar, the now nineteen-year old, former seventeen-year old underaged Parisian call girl caught up in the Euro-soccer star scandal has been making her mark recently on U.S. soil with some various music and modeling ventures, all of which we hope is leading up to a very fun project soon with Egotastic!, because, by the looks of her sweet hot blossoming body, the time is nigh, as in now, as in, right now. Enjoy.

Zahia Dehar Artsy Dazzling Sexy in Vanity Fair

Our fast becoming a great new friend and French teen ingenue, Zahia Dehar, continues to be caught up in the underaged-sex-for-hire-by-famous-soccer-stars scandals, but that has not deterred the young lady from finding her place in the sun, the naturally alluring bodacious beauty took to the pages of Vanity Fair Italy, in a typically artsy, but sexy photoshoot by shutterbug Alix Malka. I’m not sure why I find such affinity with Zahia, perhaps it’s because of my own sob stories as an under-appreciated and completely un-hired seller of my own body, or maybe it’s just because she’s a super hot naughty young blonde with an amazing body (I’d go with the latter if I were a betting man), but I’m looking forward to bigger and better things with Zahia Dehar.

Stay tuned to Egotastic! for upcoming future Zahia Dehar exclusives. Enjoy.

Former Underaged Call Girl to the Soccer Stars, Zahia Dehar Struts Her Stuff for V Magazine Spain

Well, she was just 17, if you know what I mean…

Apparently, French football star Franck Ribery didn’t exactly know what it meant, or three of his soccer playing cohorts, when he was indicted for paying big bucks a couple years ago to hire out the intimate services of the precocious teen, Zahia Dehar, when she was not yet of the age of strumpet consent. Well, boys will be boys, and some men will hire girls, but the real winner in this sordid affair is the hot-looking Zahia Dehar, sort of taking a page out of the Traci Lords handbook, and going from under-aged sex scandal to acting and modeling gigs, including this quite amazing pictorial for V-magazine Spain, where the young French lady show why she might have been mistaken for somebody a few years older than it reads on her birth certificate. Not that that’s an excuse I’ve ever used in court before. Still, it at least gives you an idea why Ribery was paying $3,000/night to watch the tele and play cards with her. Enjoy.