Yasmin Assis

Yasmin Assis in Full Motion Topless Glory for Ta-Ta-Tuesdays

Yasmin Assis Behind the Scenes Topless Caps for Bella Da Semana
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About a month ago we brought you the photos from the Bella da Semana photoshoot of the ridiculously hot Brazilian blonde celeb model, Yasmin Assis. It was part of our ode to just how amazing Brazil is when it comes to producing super fine ladies with looks that  could kill, literally, especially if you have a heart condition.

Now, for a little Ta-Ta-Tuesday ode upon a Brazilian boobtastic, go behind the scenes of Yasmin’s photoshoot and catch her dropping her clothes off in full video motion. It’s kind of like real life, only better, because in real life Yasmin is probably not in your backyard getting nekkid. But, if she is, please take pictures. Enjoy.

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Yasmin Assis Drops Her Panties for Topless Brazilian Pride (and Our Apology to Brazilians)

Yasmin Assis Drops Her Panties for a Topless Photoshoot
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It has come to my less than learned attention, through emails over the years, and some recently, that we have repeatedly referred to Brazilian women as ‘latinas’, which while I understand there is some mishmash debate as to the scope of the widely used, but somewhat ambiguously defined phrase, most Brazilians do not prefer to be so referred. And, we are all about people being called what they want to be called. In fact, I would truly appreciate if people would stop referring to me as ‘shithead’ or ‘one-nut’ and instead use my own chosen nickname of ‘monster cock’. Still waiting on that naming etiquette to take hold.

As a sign of our apology, and a token of our appreciation for all things Brazilian we offer up what we offer up best, super sextastic ladies taking off their clothes. In this fortunate instance, young Brazilian model Yasmin Assis, stripping off some of her country clothes to reveal her Sudamericana wonderments. Such a hot girl, and truly, our favorite way to apologize. Enjoy.