Wendy Gonzalez

Wendy Gonzalez (Covered) Topless Pictures Drop the Sexy Telenovela Bomb

As part of our service to our readers, we continue our campaign to watch countless hours of super hot Latinas on South of the Border soap operas, while you guys work. It’s just what we do. We’re the Giving Tree. And, as part of our sweat-filled explorations, we come across ridiculously hot telenovela bitch-slapping stars such as Wendy Gonzalez, uber-hottie young star of Spanish-language soaps, the future brunette awesomeness on screens down Mexico way, and here on our jacked up janky satellite dish that can pick up Persian dance videos on a clear day. This amazing photo spread in H Para Hombres magazine may just be my new favorite telenovela actress pictorial. And Wendy Gonzalez may be my very new favorite Wendy. Enjoy.