Vikki Blows

Vikki Blows Nude Pictures are Fully Loaded


So yesterday’s Vikki Blows topless calendar post proved to be pretty darn popular (go figure), so I think you’ll probably get a kick out of these Vikki Blows nude pictures from this month’s issue of Loaded magazine. And rest assured, if these pictures of Vikki Blows naked and topless prove to be as popular as I think, we’ll be seeing a lot more of Vikki in the future.

Vikki Blows Topless Calendar Pictures


If you have any familiarity with the Internet, you may have heard of Vikki Blows, but for those of you that haven’t Vikki is basically the hottest British export since Keeley Hazell. Kind of like a mini-Keeley, with a bit of goth. She’s pretty much as sexy as they come, and I felt she rightly deserved a spot her on Egotastic! So without further ado, may I present Vikki Blows topless in her 2009 calendar.