Victoria Silvstedt

Victoria Silvstedt Bikini Pictures for the Hot Swedish Life of Reilly

I'll tell you who has the good life -- former Playmate of the Year, Victoria Silvstedt. Granted, you or I may not have been willing to do what it takes to get to that place, let alone be born with the basic tools to make that an effective strategy to begin with, but if Victoria's plan was to spend her years suntanning aboard yachts in the famous ports of the world, well, winning.

Currently anchored off the South of France, in betwixt short bouts of pleasing her benevolent benefactor, Victoria shared some of her visual wonderments with all of us relative paupers in the grandstands, courtesy of some finely boobtastic bikini pictures aboard the yacht, the S.S. Moneymakers.

My old man once told me, worry less about what you're doing and more about doing it right. Actually, I saw that on an old episode of The Brady Bunch. My dad didn't give me much useful advice like Mike Brady did. Else maybe I'd be the guy who was paying Victoria's bills. Enjoy.

Victoria Silvstedt PMOY Nekkd in Playboy (A Popularly Demanded Classic!)


We've been featuring the hind and front bikini-covered quarters of Victoria Silvstedt heavily of late, as the world's most expensive girlfriend has taken her blonde bombshell bikini show down to the Caribbean for the winter. And, since 'customer service' is our middle name, and many of you keep asking to see Victoria without her clothes on (as many of you are want to ask us in your polite emails), how could we refuse?

So, thank you to our good friends at Playboy Plus, still offering one helluva 50% off membership discount to EgoReaders on their massive inventory of hot nekkid celebrities and models, for providing a healthy glimpse of the extremely healthy body of Playmate of the Year, Victoria Silvstedt, Now you know exactly why she's such an expensive girlfriend. Enjoy.

Victoria Silvstedt Bikini Pictures Are Red And White and Black All Over With Expensive Caribbean Cleavage

If we've said it once, we've said it a thousand times -- you've got to pay to play, and if you're in the mood for a little purchase, you could do worse than boobtastic Playmate of the Year alum Victoria Silvstedt, the trophy girlfriend extraordinaire, who has set up blonde boobtastic bikini shop in St. Bart's for the New Year's and beyond, putting on a different colored busty bikini body show daily. Red above, white below...

and black, below, to round out the colorful ridiculously sculpted hot body show. All in all, one of my favorite trios since Rush, and with much bigger hotter boobs. Enjoy.

Victoria Silvstedt Bikini Pictures Blue With Anticipation of a Boobtastic New Year

Well, let's do it, let's ring in the new year and do it much as we left the last year, oh, those many many drinks ago last night. With bright colored boobtastic courtesy of the world traveling kept lady and former Playmate of the Year, Victoria Silvstedt, currently in the Miami port of call, flashing her blonde bombshell body as a reminder that no matter the year, you need a lot of dough to keep a woman like this in tow.

Victoria chose blue to represent how far too often in the previous year we felt a yearning betwixt our lower appendages for women who deliver the epic visual shows. And, let's make no mistakes, a decade and more past her PMOY run, Victoria is still very much delivering. But, it takes an industrious man to scale mountains such as these, so in 2013, let us resolve to spend five minutes less per day on our video games, and apply those resources toward more productive means, like finally figuring out our turnip beer recipe. That one's going to make us millions. Enjoy.

Victoria Silvstedt Brings Her Beach Bikini Fun Time Life to Miami

There's no hot spot in the world where bodaciously boobed former Playmate of the Year Victoria Silvstedt can't take her trophy-girlfriend show to these days without drawing attention to her still wondrous bikini body.

Laying out on Miami Beach yesterday, one of the many fine beaches in the many fine ports of call where Victoria lays her sex-weary body these days courtesy of her billionaire older man-friend, the Swedish delight showed exactly why she still deserves to be loved, if not have her bills comped, by flashing the ass-n-cans of a true international star. It is still quite a sight to behold. Just be glad the peeps are free. Enjoy.

(P.S. If you want to see Victoria Silvstedt fully in the flesh in numerous poses we'd recommend her Playboy pictorials available through our discounted membership plan with PlayboyPlus.)

Irina Shayk Battles Victoria Silvstedt in Birthday Party Cleavage Throw Down

First, I must admit to my jealous of this Swiss watchmaker money dude, Fawaz Gruosi and the wicked hot girls he gets to his birthday parties. I suppose it helps to throw parties that cost a $250K in places called the Billionaire Club in Sardinia, as opposed to my anniversary events in the back room of the local Carrows, where the relatively hottest girls end up being the waitresses I tip an extra five-spot to get back into their street clothes and pretend they're my friends.

At Fawaz Gruosi's 60th birthday party, a bevy of sextastic showed up to drink fancy champagne and show off in their finest gowns, none two more eye-catching than supermodel hot Irina Shayk, flashing a good deal of chest views, and Victoria Silvstedt, who took time out of her party days to party at night with Fawaz and flash about an acre's worth of her funbags. It was quite the scene. At Carrows, I do get a free sundae, but it all seems to empty now in comparison. Enjoy.

Victoria Silvstedt Bikini Pictures Continue Her Italian Island Adventures

Nothing to see here, just Victoria Silvstedt back at work suntanning and preening her finely naturally and unnaturally sculpted body along the Sardinian coast line.

Everybody has to punch the clock somewhere. Victoria does it with some sense of vigor. Enjoy.