Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham Shows Very Rare Signs of Skin (Still No Smiles)

No doubt, Ginger Spice has been much more skin-available than the posh Victoria Beckham, a woman even our sharpest of sharp-lensed photographers can rarely if ever find not buttoned-up and looking rather dour. So, we consider it a big win when we get even the hint of cleavage from Mrs. Beckham, not to mention a rarely seen bit of tight-jean backside, double bonus (throw in the fact that Victoria was actually shopping at Ralph’s grocery store, where yours truly just happens to be a club member, double the coupons!) and we have one of our better Becks days.

Yeah, we know, still no smile. But our happiness comes first. Enjoy.

Why Won’t Victoria Beckham Smile?

Brand new baby girl. Riches beyond compare. Mansions, fancy cars, yachts, and a superstar athlete husband. Apparently, everything in the world can not buy Victoria Beckham a smile. I’m starting to think that she has some ingenius long term plan to never have a wrinkle on her face by simply refusing to utilize her facial muscles for decades on end. The former Spice Girl and new mom once again has herself in arms-pinned-behind-her-back, blank anorexic model stare pose, oversized glasses, supreme high heels, and a complete unwillingness to acknowledge the joy in being hot and rich and famous. Maybe we’re reading into it too much, but why the long face, Posh? Enjoy.

Sneak Peek: Victoria Beckham Brings the New MILF Bosom Out for a Spin

Well, even a new baby girl can’t get Posh to smile, but, there’s one thing Victoria Beckham can’t control, and it too will leave her with some wrinkle lines — her new busty post-baby chest. The typically gaunt model slash former Spice Girl simply could not hide her milkers beneath her esteemed fashion when out and about in New York. Oh, sure, Victoria’s bound to start staving and flagellating herself shortly back into tortured skinny body mode, but for now, much like her new child, we can simply delight in her full bosom. Enjoy.


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Victoria Beckham Strict and Sexy For British Vogue

Oh, Vicky, how you slay me. I’m not sure what my fascination is with the newly impregnated Victoria Beckham, I mean, the latter day VB version, where she’s all lean and harsh-hot looking, with hair pulled back in a painful manner, the bewitching eye shadow, ready to dispense some serious domestic justice with a firm hand or ladle maybe. (Yeah, I know it’s weird, but I’ve run the scenario through my head so many times, and ladle definitely keeps recurring in my dreams.) These Victoria Beckham pictures from Vogue U.K. only serve to further my hot and heavy-handed mom fantasies, but, then, I’ve been a very bad boy. A spanking is probably in order from Miss Vicky. Enjoy.

Victoria Beckham Pregnant! Yep, I’m Going to Be A Daddy

In my dreams perhaps. This waifish, standoffish, clay-model of a Spice Girl vixen is now with child, presumably from husband David Beckham, in between his alleged jaunts down to hooker town. We can only hope Victoria Beckham finally sees fit to eat a sandwich or some pretzels or something.

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