Victoria Alvarez

Victoria Alvarez Puts Her Buns On the Line For All the Marbles in Argentina

Last week we referred to Victoria Alvarez as having the hottest asstastic in all of Argentina and while most in Egotastic! land seemed to agree, there were those demanding some objective proof. Well, I suppose it lies herein as Victoria Alvarez was elected Miss Reef, which I think is some kind of United Nations program or something to protect endangered assistude, and, well, it is glorious and a well-earned and well-junked title. That trunkside is just a handful and a half. And, consider these paws at the ready. Enjoy.

Victoria Alvarez Topless and Asstastic for Maxim Argentina


Who’s got the best asstastic in all of Argentina? Well, according to our not so secret sources, it’s Sudamericana young model and TV personality, Victoria Alvarez, and, well, I seriously would find it hard to argue otherwise. I mean, look at that thing. It’s almost unreal, but, it’s also now permanently tattooed onto the libido section of my gray matter, like some type of ass-hot Lascaux cave drawing. I really must gas-up the Egotastic! Winnebago and get it on down the Pan-American Highway. So much hotness. Enjoy.