Vicky Karayiannis

Vicky Karayiannis Bikini Pictures Continue Their Rocker Old Lady Crotchtastic

Now, you know we’ve had problems with grunge master Chris Cornell getting all non-rock and roll with his lawyers up our ying-yang about sharing pictures of his hot model wife, Vicky Karayiannis. Naturally, this is hard for me to understand given that if I had a hot model wife, I would phone the paparazzi and tell them how, when, and where she was taking her outdoor showers and just to be sure to mention in every photo that she was my wife and we were having sex all the time. Would I be a big ole fat-mouthed braggart about my fine wife? Absolutely I would be.

But, for now, we must work around Chris and go right to the crotchy source if you will with photos of Vicky’s sweet bikini body poolside in Miami. How long will these photos last before Soundgarden Esq. contacts us with something written by expensive guys with stellar grammar? I do not know, but try to consume with some haste. Enjoy.

Vicky Karayiannis Bikini Pictures May or May Not Linger

Let’s try this again. Last week we shared topless photos of Chris Cornell’s wife, Vicky Karayiannis, and we done got served. I mean, the entire Phoenix University law school alumni association came after us. Soundgarden reunited to perform an obscure, yet powerful ballad about Vicky’s breasts being like sacred mushrooms that needed the wizard’s protection. All sorts of stuff flying back and forth.

Today, we look at those some wifely funbags covered in a bikini, along Miami Beach, which I think qualifies as public, at least public enough that I almost got arrested there once for public indecency. And, without prejudice, might I say once more, I am a big fan of Vicky’s body. A man should be proud to call this fine female his wife and baby mama and share her with the world’s eyeballs. Imagine there’s no chest puppies possession, Chris, it isn’t hard to do. Enjoy.

Chris Cornell’s Wife Goes Topless in Miami


Editor’s Note: some or all of the media previously associated with this post has been removed because Chris Cornell and his attorneys don’t want you to see his wife’s boobs. Not very rock and roll of you, Chris.

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Vicky Karayiannis, you may not know her name, but you probably know Chris Cornell, he of Soundgarden and Audioslave fame. Well, when we were casually glancing at ladies on the beach in Miami this weekend, we couldn’t help but notice his wife was rather topless.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. It gave the gentleman oglers a sweet beach day distraction and taught some young boys the meaning of ‘future desires’ and some young girls the meaning of ‘I hate that big boobed biyatch’. All in all, it was a valuable learning experience. Bless you, Vicky. Enjoy.

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