Veronique De Kock

Veronique De Kock Topless Madness Runs Rampant Through Flanders


Well, don’t you know, the minute you start posting De Kock on this website, there’s going to be a flood more. Only, this is the good kind of De Kock. The kind we like. Shoutout to Egotastic! superfan ‘DaviDo’ for these fantabulous Veronique De Kock topless pictures that apparently caused a huge Belgian brouhaha in the petite nation-state when they first appeared on the topless scene. Personally, after seeing her sexy body and amazing boobs, I’m feeling a little brouhaha welling up myself. Might be time to take De Kock for a cold shower. Enjoy.

(Three tasteless ‘De Kock’ jokes in one post. New world record!)

Belgian Shoutout: Kim Engelbosch and Veronique De Kock, for the Double Bruges Fantasy


(Updated 11/22/10) Sorry folks. Check out the Veronique De Kock archive for some sweet topless pictures of the Belgian beauty.

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Shoutout to Egotastic! superfan ‘Sanne A.’ in Belgium for pointing out that the relatively tiny nation contains some major league, world-stage celebrity talent. Not the least of which are two names you may not have heard of, but you should imprint upon your brains, the super bodied and sexy Kim Engelbosch, featured here on the pages of the most awesome Che magazine, and her Belgian national cohort, Veronique De Kock (yes, De Kock!), all sorts of beauty pageant winners turned super hot models throughout the continent. Oh, sure, I could make the cliche reference to Belgian frites and waffles, talking about the omnipresent statues of little boys peeing into fountains, but, today, today Belgian, you have staked your claim in the sexy celebrity hotness war (oh, don’t pretend like you don’t know this is going on everyday). Enjoy.