Veronika Abanica

Veronika Abanica Delivers the Hotness for Hombres in the U.S.



One of the more commonly asked questions in our ‘Ask a Dummy at Egotastic!’ inbox is as to where to locate all these foreign magazines with the ridiculously hot pictorials of Latin America’s finest models and celebrities, and while subscriptions to some take some great mail order pains (one of our subscriptions actually arrives by burro on the third Thursday of every fifth month on the Julian calendar), let us not forget that some of our better visions of sultry goodness come from right here in the good old Los Estados Unidos, where the likes of Hombre magazine publishes a local edition.

Featured in this month’s Hombre USA is one of the most spectacular visions of Latina hotness you may ever feast your eyes upon in the form of big up and big coming model Veronika Abanica. The curves on this sextastic bit of awesome could cause a man to drive off some curves if he dwells on it too much. Veronika is the kind of girl that has you buying her a ring for her finger even before she finishes forming a smile; I can’t imagine what you’d buy her before she forms a lower body smile, but I know it’s out of my price range. Enjoy.