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Vanessa Minillo whips out the bikini on her honeymoon. (Celebuzz)

Mila Kunis perpetrates a crime against the asstastic in Friends With Benefits. (Huffington Post)

Fanboy Faptastic: Sexiest Women of Sci-Fi Flicks. (FoxNews)

Anne Hathaway on a wet and nipple pokey beach vacation. (GossipCenter)

Brandi Glanville gives LeeAnn Rimes a run for her money in the bikini department. (TMZ)

Praising the death of Zubaz pants? Never! (CollegeHumor)

Minka Kelly, on a horse, with a gun. Why does this make me so hot? (TheSuperficial)

Why is Vanessa Minnillo Such An Underrated Hottie?

She simply doesn’t receive enough lust. Vanessa Minnillo, who is kind of that TV personality, actress, model hottie combo whose distinction of difference is entirely reliant about being super-hot, which Vanessa has in spades. I think because she’s with Nick Lachey, which is kind of weak sauce, maybe she takes some hits, or maybe because she was a teen beauty pageant winner, she loses some credibility, but this half-Filipina is just busting out with sexy and we ought be hearing her name, and, more importantly, seeing her hot body, far more often. IMHO. Enjoy.

Vanessa Minnillo Bikini Pictures Are A Sign of the Coming Sexy Migration

As winter descends upon the continent (well, Northern Hemisphere at least), it’s nice to see a bit of the solar shine upon the uber sexy bottom of Vanessa Minnillo, down Mexico way tanning next to Nick Lachey, one lucky bastard whose popularity has never been adequately explained to me. These Vanessa Minnillo bikini pictures flash the former MTV TRL hostess’ finer sides, well, all of her sides are fine, no right angles here, and takes us back just a few months to a time when we were overrun with hot celebrity bikini pictures. Luckily, tourist season to warmer climates begins soon and we should be seeing much more fine boobs and ass on our favorite hotties from now until March. Like the swallows returning to Capistrano, so too shall bikini-clad tan hard bodies return to Egotastic! Enjoy.

Photo credit: Splash News

Vanessa Minnillo Bikini Pictures
(I’m Not Even Going to Think of a Creative Title)

Well, the bikini onslaught continues, and this time we’ve got some fine Vanessa Minnillo bikini pictures for your viewing pleasure. Vanessa is on vacation with her boyfriend, Nick Lachey (not pictured, cuz he’s a douche) in some tropical location somewhere that I don’t care enough to find out about.

I’ve got to say, I’m really enjoying that one picture of Vanessa on all fours. It’s like the paprazzi went into my head and figured out exactly how I prefere to have my Vanessa Minnillo bikini pictures posed. Good job sir. Good job.

Photo credit: Splash News

More Vanessa Minnillo Bikini Pictures to be Thankful For

Vanessa Minnillo is fast becoming one of my favourites, and if you haven’t figured out why, these new Vanessa minnillo bikini pictures should give you a hint. And while it seems that past go-to bikini girls like Linsday Lohan, Jessica Alba and Jessica Biel have inexplicably lost every one of their thousand different bikinis, I’m thankful that we at least have Vanessa Minnillo around to offer us some much needed bikini hotness. Now, if anyone out there can get some more bikini pictures of either Lohan, Alba, or Biel, that would definitely be something to be thankful for.

Photo credit: Splash

Vanessa Minnillo Bikini Pictures Make Me Thankful

Thanksgiving will soon be upon us, and hopefully you’ve got lots to be thankful for. If not, at least you can be thankful for these Vanessa Minnillo bikini pictures, and maybe Vanessa Minnillo’s ass, too. What? Is that not the point of the holiday?

Still, at least one guy’s got a lot to be thankful for this year, and that’s Nick Lachey, because there is no way he deserves Vanessa Minnillo’s hot ass. And yes, you can make comparisons to Jessica Simpson all you want, but that doesn’t make these Vanessa Minnillo bikini pictures any less hot. It just makes me hate Nick Lachey that much more.

Photo credit: Splash

Vanessa Minnillo Nude in Playboy?

If you happened to glance at the cover of this week’s In Touch weekly, you might have noticed that the tabloid is asking if we might be seeing Vanessa Minnillo nude in Playboy magazine. The title reads: “POSING NUDE Will Vanessa strip for Playboy?” And let me tell you, I hope the answer is “yes!”

Now, being that I have more than a passing interest in seeing Vanessa Minnillo naked, I dug around and did a little more research, but so far as I can see, it seems like only In Touch is talking about this. So are they just making up headlines to sell magazines, or is there truth to this rumour? Well, it is In Touch, so I’ll believe it when I see it. But I really want to see it.

In the mean time, you can always see Vanessa Minnillo nude by simply clicking this link.

And here are some Vanessa Minnillo bikini pictures from back in May that haven’t been posted yet for some stupid reason.