Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens Hot Cleavage for ‘Frozen Ground’ Premiere in London

I feel like the Alaskan serial killer movie Frozen Ground has been in the making for several years now. About as long as I've lusted for the minxy naughty hotness of Vanessa Hudgens, who stole the red carpet last night for the film in London with her sweet deep cleavage and killer good looks.

Vanessa Hudgens has been coming into her own this past year, what with Spring Breakers exposure and all the hard sweaty workouts to get her one of the finest petite frames in Hollywood. So, yeah, girl, show it all of on the red carpet. You deserve it. WE deserve it. Enjoy.

Salma Hayek Topless and Maria Bello Nekkid Highlight the Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)


Talk about your heat waves. It's been so hot here on the West Coast, even tanning mom applied sunscreen. Ba-dum-ching! The perfect environmental conditions for hiding in your air-conditioned abode, flipping on the little big screen and checking out some seriously skin-filled recommendations for ogle-worthy film viewing courtesy of our friends at Mr. Skin.

This week's Mr. Skin Minute includes Salma Hayek and Maria Bello both not-nekkid in Grown Ups 2 coming out this weekend, but both definitely baring their bodies in Frieda and A History of Violence, respectively. Both epic levels of major celebrity making of the sexy scenes. Additionally, Spring Breakers is now out on Blu-Ray meaning another chance to see the epic barely covered three way pool scene with Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson, not to mention Rachel Korine baring her top for glory. And, finally, an ode to the classic 70's R-rated gut-buster, Kentucky Fried Movie and one of the best boobtastic shower scenes ever on screen. Certainly a classic. All of them, must sees. So go see them now.

(And, do not forget your discounted membership to the entire Mr. Skin library of skin-baring good times. It truly is a great place for an addict to get his fix or a noob to become quite obsessed.)

Vanessa Hudgens Camel Toe and Booty in Perfectly Purple Stretch Pants

Purple truly is the regal color today as it show off both the front side cleft print and the backside booty goodness of Vanessa Hudgens leaving her yoga class in form fitting pants. While Vanessa may be determined to cover her face with a low leaning baseball cap, there's no hat invented yet that can rest atop the head and hide a perfectly pronounced camel toe post hot body workout.

Something about that yoga that gets the blood flowing to all the important parts. I'm guessing post-yoga making of the sexy is quite the thing, if you can ignore the smell of feet that is. Throw in a couple fine glances of Vanessa's tightly worked booty and I'm prepared to call purple stretch pants my new favorite fashion combination. Enjoy.

Vanessa Hudgens Pilates Stretch Pants Goodness Can Hide, But It Can’t Run

Forget the baseball cap pulled down over the face, Vanessa Hudgens, we've been at this a long time now. We could spot your tight little rump in yoga pants from a mile away.  I'm pretty sure I could track it down like a bloodhound across town as needed as well.

We've complimented Vanessa repeatedly for her hard bodied Pilates and yoga workouts, getting her minxy little female form less doughy and more into ogling sport shape. And workout she does, constantly, in those tight sweaty stretch pants that somebody has to wash, a job for which I've volunteered repeatedly in letters to the alluring brunette. No responses as of yet. Enjoy.

Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Green Bikini Pictures Hang the Perfect Ten Down in Bali

Wow, I really do need to get that yacht soon that I've been saving up for. Rounding up, I'm nearly to 1% of the money I need to make a downpayment on a sloop that might attract the likes of twin water nymphs Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Greene to lay across my bow in their bikinis. Hot damn that's straight out of so many late night dreams of the past few years. Not one, but two of these extremely good looking sweet bodied ladies laying out upon my vessel.

Vanessa and Ashley are down in Bali pimping something worthy of getting these two stellar ladies into bikinis and working on their surfing and suntanning skills. And just creating some amazing visuals for any long time fan of both Vanessa, and especially Ashley who we rarely see much from these days. What a way to kick off the summer. Enjoy.

Vanessa Hudgens Ever So Sweetly Black and White Hot in Bra and Panties

Vanessa Hudgens really has skyrocketed somewhere near the top of our celebrity sextastic charts over this past year. What with all of her sweaty workouts to get her little body into tip top Spring Breakers shape and beyond, not to mention her willingness to share personal photos of herself on social media, Vanessa Hudgens is making a play for some form of superlative compliment come awards season.

Featured here in a photoshoot by Jenny Gage and Tom Betterton, Vanessa portrays the sexy little minx at home, and, most importantly, at home and not wearing many clothes in the kitchen. Oh, how we'd like to find Vanessa bouncing around our boudoir upon arriving home from our day of pretend hard work. I'd have to place a sock on every door of the abode. Vanessa doth inspire. Enjoy.

Vanessa Hudgens Keeps Working Out in Yoga Pants, We Keep Leering

What's a poor boy prone to ogling to do but check out Vanessa Hudgens and her front and hindquarters as she travels to and from her Pilates classes in little tanks and stretch pants? I think you know the answer.

Establishing herself as one of the hottest minxes around, not to mention the most toned since getting into tip top gym shape for Spring Breakers, Vanessa Hudgens and the bare bit of material stretched about her booty and lady nest area are simply a must-see sight when traversing the streets of Los Angeles. Her butt in stretch pants surely must be on any interactive star map. It's far more titillating than seeing Charlie Chaplin's home, I assure you. I've seen both.

Vanessa, you keep up the workouts, we'll keep up the feeling warm and happy. Enjoy.