Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens Goes Low Cut Sextastic for ‘Gimme Shelter’ Premiere

I thought 2013 might be the year of Vanessa Hudgens. But the way 2014 is starting out for the minxy hot brunette, I probably spoke too soon. Between her low cut cleavetastic Golden Globes after party appearance Sunday evening, and now this little black boobtastic number at the L.A. premiere for the film, Gimme Shelter, Vanessa is showing why she has quickly climbed the ranks of hottest ‘it’ girl in Hollywood.

Last year we saw Vanessa really picking up her game for Spring Breakers and other more adult and grown up fare. This has included a rigorous workout schedule with her friends and little sister. It all seems to be paying off splendidly, both for Vanessa and for all of us. Just look at that killer body the former Disney star is flaunting these days. The sky’s the limit for Vanessa. Hopefully, she won’t notice her top falling down the next time she’s up there. Enjoy.

Sofia Vergara Wins the Golden Globes Boobtastic After-Party Awards

Talk about your golden globes, Sofia Vergara has them right here. Sofia easily could have been named the hottie d’jour on the red carpet of the 2014 Golden Globes last night. What she did at the after-party was simply make it a no doubter. Albeit, the lovely likes of Miranda Kerr, Taylor Swift, and a cleavetastic Vanessa Hudgens made a play for the gold medal, nobody was able to keep abreast, as it were, with Sofia and her low cut shiny gown.

At next year’s Golden Globes, I hope Sofia sits at my table. I mean, the table I’m assigned to pour water and refill wine glasses. I’m quite certain I would be pouring from her right, even as my left was wandering. Just so damn hot! Enjoy.

Vanessa Hudgens Bares Her Midriff on Sweaty Hike

Vanessa Hudgens doesn’t seem to want her photograph taken or to be leered at in public. However, in the event you do, she definitely wants you to notice her hard worked toned abs, out in another bare midriff hiking outfit in warm sunny Los Angeles. I kind of like that planning on her part. Don’t give in, but always look your best.

And Vanessa has been looking her best for some time now. Her commitment to both daily workouts and skimpy workout outfits has truly stimulated my desire for my own healthy body. Not my own, mind you, but one belonging to a lady that I may fondle without fear of arrest. Sort of my New Year’s resolution. Along with more Vanessa Hudgens hot minxy ogling. Much more of that. Enjoy.

Vanessa Hudgens Bare Tummy Can Run, But It Can’t Hide

We’d be remiss if we didn’t share these mid-section magnificent photos of Vanessa Hudgens, jogging and hiking up Runyon Canyon in L.A. before the holiday.

Vanessa has really spent the last couple of years dedicated to tightening her minxy hot body, while we’ve similarly committed ourselves to staring at her incessantly while she does so. If she thought the oversized hat and glasses would keep us from recognizing her bare midriff and Spandex workout suit, she was sadly mistaken. Enjoy.

Vanessa Hudgens and Stella Hudgens Dolled Up Cleavy Goodness for Vanessa’s Birthday

Happy belated birthday to Vanessa Hudgens who just looked like an absolute million dollars of decked out goodness over the weekend as she and her lovely little barely legal sister Stella Hudgens hosted a party with all their dressed up girlfriends. And I guess some guys were there too, as if that matter. Vanessa has had one heck of a past year of sweet delightful passion inducement. Really a top ten candidate for my list of girls who I might just figure out how to get under my mistletoe.  And you know what the means. That’s right, four days of sweaty making of the sexy until somebody says ‘Uncle’.

Vanessa Hudgens is 25 years of mighty fine. And did we happen to mention her eighteen year old little sister? Yes, I guess we did. Enjoy.

Vanessa Hudgens Flashes Midriff at amFAR Gala

Nobody throws a gala quite like the folks at amFAR, who seem to have one about once a month somewhere in the world. The charity does bring out the local hotties wherever it goes, including minxy-sextastic Vanessa Hudgens last night at their Inspiration Gala in Los Angeles. Seeing Vanessa Hudgens smile and flash some of her taut midsection was more than inspiring for those of you, like me, who have one big time crush on the petite sweet treat.

This has been quite a year for Vanessa. From owning red carpets to Pilates stretching candids to her naughty nearly nekkid role in Spring Breakers. A big time coming out party for the former High School Musical and cell-phone selfie naughty picks star. Can not wait to see what she has in store for 2014. Enjoy.

Vanessa Hudgens Bright Tights Flash Toe of the Camel in the Big Apple

Got my phone. Check. Got my wallet. Check. Cute hot girl glasses. Check. Tight purple stretch pants squeezing my lady parts? Check check check. Once again, stretch pants win the day as we catch a little peek of minxy hot Vanessa Hudgens and her Hidden Valley Ranch area. Not something you’d expect just strolling down the street in New York City, albeit bright purple is no way to go unnoticed when you’re flashing toe.

Again, we give thanks to the inventor of stretch pants, the men and women who perfected camera lenses, and to Vanessa Hudgens herself who must’ve felt a little pleasant snug pulling on her tights and thought to herself, ‘Yep, I’m good to go.’ Enjoy.