Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens Pilates Workout Peeks (I Am Sweating My Something Off)

Wow, like a glimpse into heaven, an ogle into the Pilates workout of minxy tight bodied hottie Vanessa Hudgens, working her body into the fine form we leer at nearly daily it seems. You don't get into Spring Breakers almost-nekkid bikini scenes without a lot of sweat and sacrifice, I remember sweating just watching the movie, and sacrificing my humility to the gods of hotties in bikinis. But a chance to gain inside access to anything Vanessa Hudgens? Well, it's been quite a lot harder since she stopped sharing her own insides.

Vanessa, you and your workouts have made me a very happy man today. I intend to pay it forward by planting a tree or helping an older lady carry the heavy body bag containing her naggy husband out to the curb. Cosmic karma needs to be made whole. Bless you, Vanessa. Enjoy.

Vanessa Hudgens Keeps Working Out, I Keep Checking Her Out

Just like some people get addicted to working out, I get addicted to seeing our favorite sextastic celebrities working out. Stretch pants have not helped me overcome my addiction. Little minxy hot Vanessa Hudgens is one of our regular workout girls, hitting the gym for some kind of foreign sounding workout it seems nearly daily. Her progress over the past couple of years has been tremendous.

I don't say that lightly, I say that as somebody who has ogled her asstastic in yoga pants a hundred times or more over that time period. I am a man of science. And I'd sure love to get Vanessa into my laboratory for a more thorough examination. Enjoy.

Vanessa Hudgens and Stella Hudgens Hot Sisterly Workout

The sisters that workout together, stay together. And when Vanessa Hudgens bares her tight tummy, I myself tend to fall apart.

The Hudgens sisters are becoming something of a common sight around Hollywood and Studio City each weekend, in their little exercise gear, as older sister Vanessa teaches Stella Hudgens the important of maintaining a taut body as the paparazzi are always taking your photo, plus there will be those time you get drunk as a teen and start sending out unclad photos of yourself and you want to look your best.

Vanessa Hudgens has had it going on for a while now, that special something that says super hot minxy sweetheart. She's hard not to notice, let alone approach and ask if she's like to take a year long trip with you back to your apartment to explore your randy natures. Enjoy.

Vanessa Hudgens Wicked Hot for Men’s Viewing In Women’s Magazine

You know I run the gauntlet of shame, humiliation, and an inordinate level of California State sales tax to acquire the women's magazines for the local Egotastic! community. I don't expect any awards or accolades for my semi-heroic efforts, but if maybe 2o of you could get together and each chip in five bucks toward a Starbucks card I can soon have enough of them to pay for one drink at that establishment.

But how else to see the sultry minxy Vanessa Hudgens in the upcoming edition of Marie Claire magazine looking so incredibly hot. Vanessa has transitioned ever so smoothly from Disney teen star to naughty grown woman over the past few years, we hardly even noticed (I mean, other than the 1,000 times we have noticed). Now, looking all mature and sextastic like, Vanessa is making a bid for some adult level rankings of hotness, still petite, but toned and feminine all over. If we could just get Vanessa into some of the men's magazines, then we'd really have a thing. Enjoy.

Vanessa Hudgens Sextastic Shorty With Hot Legs

Vanessa Hudgens has been building up gentleman-ogler fan bases for some time now, but it's starting to grow exponentially in relation to her running around town everyday in her yoga pants or little short shorts, showing off her bare midriff and also her seductive midsection, toned from yoga and Pilates.

Now, we all delighted in Vanessa as a teen playing with her cell phone camera and a few too many drinks. But this new grown up Vanessa, hot, shorty, minxy, is really truly even a step above, even if we don't get to see quite as much as before. Thank Heavens for little girls growing up and all of that. And those killer legs. Enjoy.

Jennifer Aniston or Vanessa Hudgens: Who Makes the Better Fake Film Stripper?

The thing about major motion picture strippers is that they never quite strip. That does reduce some of the underlying allure. On the other hand, seeing the likes of Jennifer Aniston in We're the Millers and Vanessa Hudgens in Frozen Ground, both playing strippers who stop short of removing their bras and panties, well, still quite ogle-worthy.

Two superfine sextastic ladies down to their skivvies writhing around for our cinematic pleasure. Yes, I'll take that. But which of the two does it better? That's for you to decide.

Who's the Hotter Movie Stripper?

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Vanessa Hudgens Bikini Pictures Are Sextastic Signals of Italian Vacation Lust

Pretty much half the known hottie universe seems to be in a bikini on or around the Italian island of Ischia these days, showing off their fine forms beneath the sea-faring sun. Include in that list Vanessa Hudgens, on a yacht anchored off Ischia, exhibiting her passion inducing petite form and all the work that has gone into it. Wow, it's quite a thing these days.

Somehow, I'm going to get to that Italian island. I'm told it's almost forty miles offshore, and seeing as how I can't afford a boat and I can only swim maybe half a league before becoming a likely drowning victim, it's probably time to start stringing together some logs and building a make-shift sail. If I die venturing out to sea for ridiculously hot women in hardly any clothing, I will die a happy man. Enjoy.