Vanessa Bauche

Vanessa Bauche Topless Pictures Provide an Ode to Veteran Hotness on the Pages of Playboy

Vanessa Bauche in February's Playboy Mexico
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Unless you’re a monster leering fan of Mexican telenovelas, then you are more likely to remember Vanessa Bauche as the lead actress in the Academy Award nominated film, Amores Perros, the Latina hottie movie and TV star this month finding some glorious giving in her heart by revealing her chest on the pages of the Mexican Bunny.

It’s not that we like when our favorite Latina celebrities get nekkid in magazines, it’s that we love and lust it with all our hearts. Here in the U.S., we have to beg and plead and wait and wonder over half-arsed Lindsay pics, while abroad, major working sextastic thespianics are dropping their tops for the benefit of male oglers. It would seem so desperately unfair if we didn’t get to take a solid leer for ourselves.

Vanessa Bauche, approaching 40, and still ever so very en fuego. Enjoy.