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READER FINDS: Lily Allen Commando Upskirt, Elisabetta Canalis Topless, Charlotte Church Deep Cleavage, and Much Much More…

Valentina Matteucci Topless Screencaps
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Just because it’s a holiday in the U.S. doesn’t mean I could possibly neglect this week’s Reader Email bag. It’s gloriously full this week, stocked with a whole bunch of goodies and goodness to celebrate the 4th of July with finest of alluring skin. Before I head off to meet my illegal fireworks connect (don’t do that yourself, kids, have your parents do that for you), it’s time for a stars and stripes ’76 edition of Reader Finds.

This week’s Reader Finds includes more shots of naughty bodacious hottie Valentina Matteucci (a.k.a. Eva Alegra as noted by so many of you, thank you many generous EgoReaders), Aida Yespica so righteously topless and Elisabetta Canalis bodaciously topless (many kudos out to loyal ‘Anzio’), Sofia Hellqvist fiancée of the Swedish prince Carl Philip quite topless (royal stirrings created by ‘Lusen of Finland’), Charlotte Church heavenly deep cleavage (handed over by the infamous ‘Fred’), Thandie Newton topless treats on the big screen (blessings galore from ‘Steven F.’), Lily Allen commando upskirt (inspired most heavily by ‘Michael G.’), Italian sweetheart Bianca Balti quite nicely topless (thank you for the reference from ‘Wheels’), Jodie Gasson topless tenders (ever hot Jodie by way of ‘Tanya’), Phoebe Tonkin crazy hot in her Calvins (demons exercised via ‘Tallisman’), Nina Agdal hot pimping Aerie (Danish delights courtesy of ‘Randall’), Michaela Schaefer in rather showy lingerie (Germanic goodness from the mind of ‘Dewey’), Marla Malcolm baring her racktastic for cinematic glory (observed and reported by ‘Sil’), 70′s throwback to Jobeth Williams topless in an Oscar winner (classic chestal baring via ‘Tom T.’), and Leah Renee flashing her udders for the love of film (dropped at the doorstep by ‘Mitch’). Celebrate your independence from adult supervision by taking a good long gander at these 76 photos.

Valentina Matteucci Nekkid Epic Hot Boobtastic In an Art Gallery (Art Galleries Now Officially Considred Interesting)

Valentina Matteucci topless in an art gallery
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Editor’s note: thanks to all who noted that who I was calling Eva Alegra, is also obviously more often known as wicked hot hottie, Valentina Matteucci, she of the blessed hot funbags.

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EgoReader ‘Dallas’ knows this site simply shouldn’t go another day without Valentina Matteucci. I understand the thrill of the share, Dallas, and I also understand just how ridiculously hot and racktastic Valentina Matteucci is. How can I not share such visual wonderments. A gift is not a gift until it’s shared.

Valentina is getting all kinds of topless nekkid in what appears to be an art gallery for this memorable mammarial shoot. I usually get a cold or the flu or a sudden case of kuru when anybody tells me we’re scheduled to go to an art gallery. But if it’s this particular venue, I think I’d go and ask politely, ‘Excuse me, does anyone know where the Matteucci is hanging?’.  Oh, boy, Valentina, you are a work of art. Enjoy.

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Valentina Matteucci Topless Pictures Continue to Invade Our Lust-Filled Hearts

More Topless Photos of Valentina Matteucci
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I haven’t seen a girl fly this fast up the Egotastic! charts since, well, I don’t know when. But Valentina Matteucci, the Italian boobtastic heartthrob seems to be quickly rising to the forefront of the libido for many of you, including EgoReader ‘Aki’ who has graced all of us with even more sneaky topless peeks of the racktastic Roman.

I literally dare you to check out Valentina and not imagine yourself living with her in the Apennine hills, making ferocious love by night, and, by day, deciding once more to do the same. Of course, there would be times when Valentina would be retrieving water from the well in a sheer little number without any underwear on beneath, and a few moments to feed each other recently pickled olives, but those would be minor timeouts from the Latin passions. See, you’re thinking about it right now. This woman has fierce power. Resistance is pretty much futile. Enjoy.

Valentina Matteucci Topless Portraits: Is She Truly an Emily Ratajkowski Throne Competitor?

Valentina Matteucci Super Sexy Topless Photoshoot
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As a matter of principle, I do read any and all letters you do send me. I can’t respond to all, but to some, and some just intrigue the hell out of me. Like EgoReader ‘BRC’ who claims that Valentina Matteucci, the Italian model we featured last week, might just meet or exceed the lust inducement boobtastic powers of Emily Ratajkowski. Wow, that’s a claim that deserves some investigation to say the least. It’s like declaring there is suddenly some kind of food better than Gino’s pizza rolls. I am at first reflexively in denial, but as BRC also submitted photographic evidence in support of his fapping claims, I am now forced to take this proposition far more seriously.

As always, I am a spineless jellyfish mostly incapable of rendering a decision that might make any girl cry. So I’m asking you, after checking out these photos of Valentina, are you inclined to agree with BRC or is he, in fact, quite nuts?

Does Valentina Matteucci Match Up in Passion Inducement to the Emily Ratajkowski?

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Valentina Matteucci Topless Outdoors for the Lust of All Things Italian

Valentina Matteucci Topless in the Woods Photoshoot
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When I get a letter from one of our brilliant readers saying, you must check out so-and-so’s rack, you will absolutely die. I’m likely to follow directions. I don’t want to die, not just yet, but going out because I was literally killed by killer funbags, hey, it could be so much worse.

Thanks to ‘Evan’ I did check out Valentina Matteucci, a very free spirited and healthy chested Italian model who loves the outdoors as much as she dislikes clothing. I’m not sure I’m dying, I’m actually feeling rather invigorated taking in the bountiful body of this young lady from The Boot. Apparently, she’s all the rage back in her home country. I like to think of myself as a ItalianBabeOPhile. I think that’s the proper Latin. I suppose Valentina could probably help me correct while standing nekkid in a river. That’s the educational dream. Enjoy.

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