Valentina Lizcano

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This weeks reader contributions are a bonanza of butt and boobtastic, a multiplex of mucho skin, and a celebrity trough of true wonderments. We love hearing from our readers, on all matters, but when you uncover uncovered celebrities, that’s when we love it the best. Definitely take a peek inside.
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Valentina Lizcano Bares It All for Colombian Gold


Colombian actress and TV personality, Valentina Lizcano, may have questionable thespianic talents, but there’s no denying her bodily talents are really la mas sexual. Our friends at SoHo magazine have given birth to yet another hot of Sudamericana celebrity nekkid type pictorials that are pretty much begging me to gas up the Winnebago and head on down the Pan American Highway to find my true destiny — being turned down over and over again by sultry skinned Latina hotties. We all must follow our own path. Enjoy.

(Thanks to Egotastic! reader ‘Nicolas M.’ for the head’s up on this bottom’s up pictorial.)