Torrie Wilson

Torrie Wilson Bikini Top Reveals How A Woman Can Handle Alex Rodriguez Body Slams

It’s all about the padding. Torrie Wilson is no stranger to constant slamming and bamming, thanks to her time spent as a professional wrestler, and now the muscular bodied fitness model is withstanding the punishing blows of backside bumps from Alex Rodriguez, who expects his ladies to be gym-ready and arse-up at a moment’s notice for when daddy is ready to play.

So Torrie Wilson played stand-in mama to A-Rod’s kids on a beachy day in South Florida, nearly spilling out of her bikini top, but keeping her core ready for action, should Alex leap to her bones at any moments notice and Torrie be called to the bushes for some she-banging. We saw how it tore up Cameron Diaz over the course of a few months. But Torrie Wilson seems to be hanging in there. Or, hanging out. Enjoy.

Torrie Wilson Bikini Candids Continue to Out-Muscle A-Rod

We continue to track the muscularly fit bikini domination of former WWE diva and current A-Rod boot knocking girlfriend Torrie Wilson as she prances in her bikini in between countless round of banging with her superstar Yankee boyfriend.

And while admittedly we are more than frightened by strong, powerfully built women, there’s no denying that the thought of being chained to some austere, yet sensibly furnished basement sex room where Torrie Wilson comes and uses us at her pleasure, well, that’s definitely something we’re mapping out with color sketches and sending to her via the U.S. mail. Enjoy.

Torrie Wilson Bikini Pictures For A Poolside Reveal of A-Rod’s New Muscular Girlfriend

A-Rod does love himself those super fit and muscular women. Actually, he has run through so many women, it’s hard to say he has a type for certain, but of late, it seems to be celebrities willing to train 6-8 hours a day on the hardcore fitness routines. Most recently, Cameron Diaz, who he yoked right out of any curves left in her body and then knocked the stuffing out of her so often she looked like a Stretch Armstrong doll who wasn’t coming back together any longer.

Now, A-Rod has found himself an even tougher girlfriend to grit and groan and stretch and boot-knock, former fitness pageant contestant and WWE diva, Torrie Wilson, who is as strong as any man, err, woman, out there. We’re not sure exactly what to make of A-Rod’s muscular obsession, but we know for sure that when we can get some candids of Torrie Wilson in her bikini by the pool, we’re definitely going to share, so you can decide for yourself. Enjoy.