Tila Tequila

VIEWER WARNING: Tila Tequila Backdoored and Squirting; First Look Preview of the Second Tila Tequila Sex Tape (VIDEO)

Tila Tequila Sex Tape Stills
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Obviously, we cut out the man-peen on our end, because men bore us, while women rule. As to Tila Tequila, we’ll let you make the call, but the brand spanking new Tila Tequila sex tape is out and our friends at Vivid prepared a little something special by way of preview for the Egotastic! audience who just happens to like nekkid women, at work, rest, or in this case, play.

This is definitely more ‘involved’ than Tila’s last celebrity sex tape which was mostly her and the gals having play time in Las Vegas. This is more your traditional old-fashioned mom’s apple pie making of the sweaty sexy by several means and bodily outlets possible. If you like Tila or sex or naughty bits flopping about like the world was about to end if climax was not achieved, you are likely to be very fond of this work. Naturally, I mostly watch my Wiggles DVDs at home, but I know everybody likes something different in this world.

You can check out the Tila Tequila sex tapes all other Vivid celebrity sex tapes at the Vivid Celebrities online portal, as it were.

Oh, yeah, consider yourself warned and hide the children and all that nonsense. This is how babies are made I think…Enjoy.

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A Little Love for Our Friend Tila Tequila Tonight

A little love tonight for our friend Tila Tequila. Whatever can be said about Tila, it can not be said that she has ever once said ‘no’ to us when we asked her to help us out.

Whether she has been working with us, on Howard Stern, or various other media outlets from her extensive Twitter following to crazy-ass live or televised events, Tila says ‘yes’ to things you’d never get 99% of Hollywood agreeing to and she does it with a wicked real laugh.

A daring girl can get herself into lots of trouble and even some bad shit like where Tila finds herself this past week, but the planet is still far better off for their presence. IMHO. Be well, Tila.

If you’re interested in the details on Tila’s condition, they’re available at our breaking news partner site, TMZ.com

Tila Tequila Bikini Picture Naughty Posing, Part Deux in Malibu

At the end of last week, it was Tila Tequila nipple slipping her way along Malibu’s Pacific Coast Highway on roller blades, and today we found out where Tila was headed in such a wardrobe malfunction kind of way. To the beach for a photoshoot, or we assume she was posing for a photoshoot because she was prancing and dancing and bending and flexing and putting all her barely-bikini-clad lady parts on upright and promotable display along the Mighty Pacific.

Now, of course, there are many of you most definitely not in the Tila Tequila adoration camp. Though, many of you in the mindset of imagining a few minutes along with Tila in the broom closet. We will probably have to have some kind of epic battle of opposing sides one day, but let’s wait for the next nekkid photos for that battle, shall we? Enjoy.

Tila Tequila Nip Slips While Rollerblading (One of These Things Will Never Go Out of Style)

Tila Tequila Nipple Slip While Rollerblading in Malibu
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I was pretty sure I read the obituary for rollerblading in 2002, and even at that it held on for a couple years after everybody thought it was dead. The really lone exception to the death knell for roller blading is hot chicks in hardly any clothes; throw in a wardrobe malfunction like a delightful nip slip, and you have something worth keeping alive.

Friend of Egotastic! and all-around gamer Tila Tequila hit Malibu on blades today wearing what appeared to be her bra and panties, but who can be sure these days with these crazy kids. And, don’t you know, the combination of the elements and the lack of elements led to an unmistakable slippabe from Tila’s noteworthy front side. Definitely worth an ogle. Enjoy.

Happy 30th Birthday to Our Sexy Little Pal, Tila Tequila

We were going to wish Kim Kardashian a happy 30th birthday today, but we were contacted by the attorneys from Kim’s corporate sponsored-birthday party in Vegas and it turns out we can’t do so without a paid Kardashian birthday wishes license, and that just seemed obscene. So, rather, Happy 30th birthday today to our lovable hot munchkin friend, Tila Tequila. We love working with Tila because, well, she’s a hot little minx, but also because she has a real laugh, and doesn’t charge her fans per smile.

Happy Birthday, Tila.

READER FINDS: Tila Tequila Topless Ride, Natasha Bedingfield See-Through, Rita Rusic Boobtastic, Josie Maran Topless Introduction, and Nicki Minaj Nipple Slip Revisited (VIDEO)


I do not partake in many communal activities. My friend Timor once invited me to attend his extended family bath and just having seen his mom’s mole-covered back one unfortunate public swimming pool day a few months earlier, I politely declined. However, one group activity I’ve come to truly adore is our Reader Finds segment here on Egotastic! where our beloved perverts share their delightful celebrity treats and lusts with the rest of this crazy commune. This week’s version of Reader Finds includes a tool-riding topless Tila Tequila, a see-through Natasha Bedingfield, a bikini-less Rita Rusic, a stunning nekkid Josie Maran, and a follow-up to our Nicki Minaj nipple slip post of last week.
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Tila Tequila Bends Over For the Next Generation

If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you twice, there are many sides to our friend Tila Tequila. For instance, a bottomside, which Tila was kind enough to put on display prior to her appearance on the Howard Stern radio show yesterday. It’s not so much the junkside view as it is the pose I think that earns Tila the score of a ’10′ from even the Russian judge in these pictures. You know what they say about women who can bend like this — many many babies to follow. Enjoy.