Tatiana Gonzalez

READER FINDS: Vanessa Hudgen Upskirt, Helen Hunt Cameltoe Majorus, Maria Fowler Nip Slip, Tatiana Gonzalez Topless, Jamie Chung Slippage, and Sophie Howard Boobtastic


Wow, it’s like Christmas here in August at our palatial Egotastic! offices thanks to the generous and communal sharing by our pervetastic community, a band of deviant brothers (and sisters) if you will, eager and anxious to flash their finds to their siblings with exuberant humility. If but we could share it all, but, alas, we can not, but our mini-bevy of Reader Finds this week is sure to peel the paint off your human house.

This week’s dare to share includes a peekaboo under the dress of Vanessa Hudgens, a gaping view of Helen Hunt that has to be seen to be believed, a nippletastic ogle of the young sexy Maria Fowler, the sextastic Tatiana Gonzalez representing the flesh, Jamie Chung hang to wardrobe malfunction, and Sophie Howard just large and in-charge.

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