Tatiana Gil

Tatiana Gil Lingerie Pictures So Hot You Might, Nay, You Will Hurt Yourself

There’s really no measurement for how much lust we hold in our heart and the rest of our bio-forms for Colombian hottie model Tatiana Gil. She may very well be one of the hottest women on the planet. Or very close. And now she’s in lingerie, which is second best to, well, no lingerie, and rekindling the fire that burns deep within men and is responsible both for the propagation of the species, and most sports bar fights.

Mother Nature can create some amazing awe-inspiring wonders, but she really deserves the gold medal when she starts creating women like Tatiana Gil. Just epic. Enjoy.

Tatiana Gil Topless Sweaty Boxer Ridiculous Hotness in SoHo


Wow, just wow.

You may recall Tatiana Gil as one of the finalists in last year’s Egotastic! Hotness Awards for most amazingly sextastic Sudamericanas, as the Colombian super-hot model stole your hearts and lower organs in one wicked hot photoshoot that you simply couldn’t shake. Now, try shaking this.

Tatiana Gil sweaty and smoking hot in a new topless photoshoot from our friends at SoHo magazine, wherein Tatiana flashes her pugilistic skills right alongside her amazing looks and a body that deserves to be world champion. You will see Tatiana’s name again at the 2012 edition of the Hotness Awards, I do guarantee. Enjoy.

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Tatiana Gil Topless Pictures Make for the Perfect Travel Planning Guide (VIDEO)



One of these days, we’re gassing up the Egotastic! ’87 Winnebago we bought in a trade for Pho Phur, our technical support genius, and we’re heading down the Pan American highway, except unlike Che Guevara who went looking for meaning, we’re going looking for an endless array of Sudamericana hot bodies. Without doubt, we’ll be having a very very long layover in Colombia, where our friends at SoHo magazine have helped us over the past year to pre-order our visitation lineup of the most sextastic of their nation’s celebrity fineries, not the least of which is Tatiana Gil, who actually threw us into a 47-minute long catatonic drool fest when we first saw her topless pictures and behind the scenes video from her pictorial.

It was like your first memory of ice cream as a child, you just knew it was something you were going to love for the rest of your life. Disfruta.

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Tatiana Gil Sizzles Topless on the Pages of SoHo



We’ve had so much wonderful lust from Sudamericana today, when I saw Colombian uber-sexy bikini model Tatiana Gil taking it all off for our friends at SoHo magazine, I just had to hit the ‘MUST SHARE WITH FRIENDS’ button.

Tatiana Gil just photographs well, well enough that I find myself once more trapped in a catatonic state in my La-Z-Boy, thankfully, Gretchen has attached my drool bucket to save a messy cleanup, but, wow, Tatiana Gil, you are about to become a massive blip on the spank radar of many many men.

Big day on Egotastic! for our friends from the South. Enjoy.