Syunka Ayami

Syunka Ayami Smolders In Fishnet Stockings Topless Shoot


Japanese model and fishnet enthusiast Syunka Ayami is smoking hot in this topless spread. There is something magical about the combination of a girl in fishnet stockings with her funbags on display. It’s the very definition of sexy. Syunka’s breasts play peek-a-boo in a bra that is mostly made out of air. The rest of the shoot she just dispenses with clothing all together to display her chesticles in all their glorious glory. Syunka has that shy faux-innocent quality that Japanese girls have turned into an art form. They can stand out there completely naked but they still want you to believe they are good girls. I believe you, Syunka. I believe you. I wish American girls would learn the art of sexy coquettishness from our friends in the far East.

I’m not familiar with Syunka’s work but I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled and hope to see much more of her in the future.

Syunka Ayami Sweet Leather Bound Topless Striptease Might Just Cause You to Buckle

Syunka Ayami Topless in a Black Leather Outfit
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Have you ever said this to yourself before. Man, I wish I could see a wickedly hot Japanese glamour model with outrageously fine body stripping out of a tight leather body suit. I know I have. I was just now. And my wish came true in the form of Syunka Ayami, another naughty righteous find on our exploration of all things Asian, Boobtastic, and Bloodflow Inspiring.

What Syunka does with just her body and this perfectly fitting leather outfit is nothing short of artistically masterful. You can golf clap all you like at painting exhibits and Ted speaker series, this is real creative achievement. This demands more than a golf clap, it deserves a standing ovation. You know, after the sharper feelings have settled. Enjoy.

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